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poker analyzer

XF Newest Black box camera for poker analyzer|poker cheat|side marked cards

Brand: XF
Product Code: 19

This is a new long distance camera that we made for private poker room, Compare to the previous black box camera, the new one is more fashionable and easy to carry . The most important thing is , the new one can work well than the previous one .And the camera was hidden inside of the box, very hidden and can scan the cards at a fixed angle. It is just appearance as a normal black box.

adjust the camera to the sweet spot, then it will scan the cards,after 0.3 second the analyzer will analyze the results for player.

It was included:
1 blackbox camera, 1 remote control


  • Scanning cards speedily and long stable transmitting
  • Not easy to arouse suspect
  • Support all generations of poker analyzer and parser
  • Compactness and a rugged design , Convenient to carry

How to use:
The user just need to click the remote control to open the black box camera, adjust the sweet spot to focus on the cards, then put the cards in the defined distance, all right, the analyzer will report the game result to the user within 0.3 second so that the user can decide to continue or give up the game.