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Eco - Friendly Bee Wide Size Marked Poker Cards / Jumbo Index Playing Cards

Brand: Bee
Product Code: Bee-1

Colors: Blue, Red
Size: 63x88 MM , Poker Size
Face: Wide Index
Material: 100% plastic and original poker
Content: 54 playing cards(include two jokers)
Maximum Player Number: 10 players

Bee is an international entertainment brand dedicated senior poker , is also a professional poker gambling indispensable . Dorsal pattern is characterized by a single brand , and boundless, to prevent the use of thousands of gamblers . Also part of the stage magic using this type of card, like the American magician, magic principals have known Jeff Maibu Ryder also love the one class of license.

Bee Poker uses a unique , unparalleled pulp made by the card companies to create a brand in the United States in 1892 . Bee Poker Solitaire America is superior to other brands of the company , is mixed with a selection of raw material production . Bee a club dedicated poker hands from the manufacturer to the consumer through the 200 process . Experienced 110 years of continuous improvement, bees Poker has a unique feel , stretch , slip , sound , feel and durability of transportation cards are difficult to copy other manufacturers.we selected the original Bee cards and can mark them with magic ink which can show you the points and suits of the cards ,while working with our card reader machine .