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poker analyzer

Kem Marked Cards for poker analyzer and poker scanner

Brand: XF
Product Code: 33

It is plastic cards -------- Kem Arrow Playing CardsPlastic Playing Cards.It can be made as a marked cards that can be analyzed by our poker analyzer and scanner.

A Function:It is a special plying cards that can help you to do something in the poker games.
B Size:As the normal plastic cards you can see in the market.
C Advantage:
1.The marked cards can be scan by any camera we launch.
2.Can be use in any card game and nobody will feel any different

How to use
It is very easy to use ,the user just only need to put the cards in the allow range of the camera,then the poker analyzer can analyze the winner is who then will report the result the earpiece ,this result only can be heard by the user.

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  • marked plastic cards
  • Kem ARROW cards,
  • Kem marked paper cards

Used for:
  • private poker gambling
  • poker device
  • private casino
  • poker cheat
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