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poker analyzer

Kem 100% Plastic Playing Edge Marked Cards for poker analyzer and poker scanner

Brand: XF
Product Code: 34

Kem plastic Edge Marked Cards can work with poker analyzer and hidden lens.You could use the hidden camera to scan the marked cards by infrared ray . marked cards|marked kem arrow cards|kem marked cards|US marked cards|marked kem cards|kem plastic marked cards|luminous marked cards.

Kem plastic Edge Marked Cards are so popular in europe.There are some marks at the side of poker card. And you can see the marks clearly on the poker analyzer system ,when the hidden lens scan the's suitable for all kinds of poker games, for example, Blackjack, Omaha poker, Texas poker etc.

Used for:

  • private poker gambling
  • party gambling
  • private casino
  • poker cheat
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Other Modles´╝Ü
  • Arrow - Black and Gold
  • Arrow - Green and Brown
  • Arrow - Red and Blue