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Mini Paper Bicycle Playing Cards Poker Scanner Case Camera For Analyzer

Brand: XF
Product Code: XF-2

Material: Paper
Color: Red and Blue
Distance: 30-40cm
Transmitter: 2m

This is a case to pack the bicycle paper cards, and it is genuine case, while it is also a camera which to scan bar-codes edge markings on the sides of cards for poker analyzer. It is a very good camera for

the design, and it is very safest, as no one will notice that and no one will discover that your cards’ case

is a device, as many people maybe get to know about the mini cameras installed into other objects, such as cigarette case, watch, TV, or some places, but less people will know your mini-camera

is set in the playing cards’ pack. So this is a new idea and new thought.

The mini camera is installed inside of bicycle playing cards’ case, while it is to scan the marked playing cards from the bar-codes image on the bottom side of case.

As for the Distance of bicycle paper playing cards’ case camera, we can make 19-29cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm;

As for the battery life, it is about 2 hours working; and we can make the battery changeable, so that you can change the batteries when the battery is run out. we also can make some small holes to charge directly by using charger. But it will depend on your choice.

As for how to turn the camera on and off, we can make a mini switch in the case, while we also can make a remote control for you to turn the camera on and off, so we will do it as your requirement.

We can make different frequency of the camera for your poker analyzer, so no matter what kind of poker analyzer you have or no matter which generation of poker predictor you got, we still can make correct bicycle paper playing cards’ case camera for you to work with your poker analyzer well.