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2015 XF Newest Ceramic perspective bowl for casino cheat|game cheat|dice cheat

Brand: XF
Product Code: I-17

Surprising!!!Guangzhou XF company has launched a new products for dice cheat-Ceramic perspective bowl. Just need one perspective bowl,one remote control and some normal dices,you will know which points of the dice,so that it will be easy for you to win in dice game.


  • No need marked dice,any normal dice could use in the perspective bowl to cheat.
  • We could make any stype of bowl,bottle or cup for you according to your requirements.
  • You could see anything inside of the bowl through the wireless video receiver or TV.
  • It looks like the normal bowl,so it not so easy to find by others.
  • You could control which points do you want by remote control.

Estimate working hours: About 2-3 hours
Specification: It contains 1pcs perspective bowl,1 pcs remote control,some dices and charger.