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poker analyzer

Poker Suit Scanning Software

Brand: XF
Product Code: PS-2

Thesoftware is different from the normal suit poker analytical software, because it is introduced by our company exclusively. It is suitalbe for all the poker games includes Texas Hold'em Poker , Blackjack, Omaha Poker, Mau Mau etc.

Used for:
Private poker gambling;
Party gambling;
Private casino;
Poker match;
Magic show.

Working Procedures:
This product needs two person to operate, one playspoker on scene, the other to support in other place. There is an original Japanese micro-hidden len (which is the smallest and has the highest definition in the world) hides on the cuff of the player's clothes. It is easy to carry, and no need to put something on the desk. Without the limitation of occasions and lights, people cannot fint out the flash even the prudent player. As the other people, he just need to remotely receive the information wirelessly beyond the scene, and operates the automaticanalyzing software in laptop.
The distance between the player and partner is above 500m, can be put in the floor or car.It only needs 1 to 2 seconds to analyze the points and suits of all the players. The software will teach the player how to deal through a wireless invisible vibrator.


  • Easy to carry, and without setting up the analytical software advancely and reproducing the Poker or marking before playing;
  • Only 1 to 2 seconds that the software will report the suits and points of every players accurately no matter how to shuffle;
  • The user no need to learn any bases to control the point and size of other players
  • The software can analyze which hand of pokers is death, which one is alive, even 100% accuracy