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poker analyzer

New porsche carkey camera for poker analyzer and poker scanner

Brand: XF
Product Code: 11

Guangzhou XF poker cheat co.,ltd created a new infrared camera-- Porsche carkey infrared camera.It can works for MDA poker analyzer, Akk poker analyzer, V68 and GPS. poker

Distance: 15-45cm
Suitable for MDA poker analyzer, AKK poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer, GPS poker scanner
A new design for infrared camera, let us forget about honda,toyota these old models carkey. Value customer should have the VIP design hidden spy camera. Good tools for poker cheat, poker , gamble cheat and card cheat
Weight: 260g
It can last more than 2 hours. And it has magetic switch to control on and off,no need to touch the camera when it working.

XF, Again change the game!