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poker analyzer

Samsung galaxy S4 infrared camera for poker analyzer and poker cheat

Brand: XF
Product Code: 14

It is a mobile phone with a hidden camera inside that can use to scan the XF side marked cards .

We have a new phone camera came out -Samsung gralaxy S4 infrare camera came which have all function like the normal phone,call,send massage,listen music and so on. It is used for all generations of Iphone poker smoothsayer and poker analyzer. It looks like a normal Samsung galaxy S4 phone ,but there is a hidden camera inside.and looks more fashional and beautiful than other phone camera in appearance.So it is a big breakthrough with such a slim ang big srceen

The distance can be reach 22-44cm

Estimate working hours: About 2-3 hours

Specification: It contains 1pcs phone lens and 1 pcs of charger.


  • 1.big and slim. srceen
  • 2. can make long distance
  • 3.Single person operation, no need any other partner.
  • 4.Support all levels of poker analyzer from XF