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poker analyzer

Two-in-one poker analyzer and poker device for Omaha 4 card games

Brand: XF
Product Code: 06

This kind of Two-in-one poker analyzer together with camera inside ,helps you to cheat at Texas holdem poker game, Omaha 4 cards game,Omaha 5 cards game, report 52 cards in 0.3 second.

Two-in-one poker analyzer, is a kind of gamble cheat device that fix the analyzer and camera lens all together into a cell phone.It like a normal mobile phone,not only can cheat at many poker games. But also can use it as a cell phone. This kind of analyzer can call,receive and send message.Bluetooth, and you can download many games and soft. You can also listen to the music, video and so on…

How to use
Turn the power on and set up the game and players, than put it on the table, let the lens towards the edge side marked cards. You will know the result by an earpiece . It is hidden and hard to be found by other players.


  • Poker cheat;
  • Gamble cheat;
  • Private casino;
  • Poker match;
  • Magic show.

Working procedures:
  • Camera lens : single lens
  • Scan distance : 20-30 cm
  • Scan area : 0-25 cm
  • Battery life : 3 hours
  • Language :France, English and Chinese Battery replaceable

  • Two-in-one analyzer : 1 pcs
  • Battery : 2 pcs
  • earphone:1pcs
  • Charger : 1 pcs